Laboratory equipment

Nanostructure Laboratory

Electron microscopy

Quanta™ 250 FEG from FEI (environmental scanning electron microscope with a Shottky field emission source FEG-ESEM)

  • Everhardt Thornley SED -Detector
  • 4 quadrant solid-state BSED
  • Large Field Low vacuum SED
  • Gaseous SED (GSED) (used in ESEM mode)
  • Gaseous analytical BSED (GAD)
  • IR camera for viewing sample chamber
  • Nav-CamTM - color optical camera for sample navigation
  • Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy EDS
  • in situ cooling and heating equipment
  • in-situ testing machine

Small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS)

Small angle X-ray diffraction instrument PSAXS System S/Max 3000 by RIGAKU.

The instrument is equiped with a MM002+ microfocus source (Cu-Kα) and a Triton200 detector.

Structures with dimensions from 0.1 nm - 120 nm can be investigated. The beam diameter was measured to be about 210 µm (FWHM) with nominal about 1x107 photons per second at the sample.

Additional measurment equipment:

  • WAXD with IP via manual load-lock unit
  • Stage for heating (+300 °C) and cooling (-50 °C)

In-situ nanoindentation

Technical specifications of the SEM in-situ nanonider from ASMEC

  • Maximum test force ± 200mN (push + pull)
  • Maximum displacement ± 150 µm @ 200mN, ± 200µm @ 20mN
  • Digital force resolution ≤ 50 nN
  • Digital displacement resolution ≤ 10 pm
  • Noise level of force measurement (RMS under load) ≤ 0,5 µN
  • Noise level of displacement measurement (RMS under load) ≤ 0,5 nm

Materials testing in the low and high frequency regime

Low frequency testing machines

Different universal testing machines in a load range from 0.5 N — 100 kN are available

  • Micro testing machine to test single fibres. Operation in- and outside the ESEM. Maximum test force 0.5 N (self-made)
  • Micro testing machine 1 kN. Operation in- and outside the ESEM (self-made)
  • Static Materials Testing Machines from Zwick 10 kN and Hegewald & Peschke Meß- und Prüftechnik GmbH 10 kN
  • Dynamic servo hydraulic testing machine MTS 50 kN
  • Dynamic biaxial servo hydraulic tension torsion testing-machine MTS 100 kN


  • Static and dynamic loading
  • Strength and toughness measurement under uni- and multiaxial loading conditions
  • Measurement of fracture toughness and fracture energies
  • fatigue testing

Ultrasonic testing devices (in-house developement)

Equipment to test fatigue strength at very high load cycles

  • superposition of static and dynamic loads
  • fatigue crack growth testing
  • testing in corrosive environment
  • testing at high temperatures
  • testing in vacuum

Testing equipment for the dispersion of soil

Light microscopy

  • stereo microscope from Wild
  • upright microscope for materials analysis from Leica DM 4000 M 
    • bright field
    • dark field
    • interference contrast
    • polarisation
    • fluorescence microscopy
  • BX51 transmitted light microscope from Olympus

Surface measurement techniques

  • Roughness measurement equipment: Mahr Perthometer M2
  • Contactless surface topography measurement based on laser line scanning (self-made)
  • MEX®, 3D topography measurement at micro scale from Alicona
  • Contact angle measurement from GBX
    • Measurement of static and dynamic contact angles
    • Gibbs surface energy determination
    • Heating chamber
  • Hardness tester

Special equipment

Processing technology

  • Sledge microtome for the measurement of cutting forces
  • Table milling machine with stepless adjustment of revolution speed for the measurement of cutting forces at variable cutting speed (Felder)
  • Automatic moving equipment with variable feed for the table milling machine
  • Prototype of vibration assisted cutting machine to process wood, stone and concrete
  • 3d piezo force sensors for the measurement of dynamic cutting forces

Fracture mechanics

  • Wedge splitting equipment for the determination of fracture energy and toughness

    • macroscopically
    • microscopically in-situ within ESEM