Book series of the Institute of Wood Science and Technology (ihf)
at the Department of Material Sciences and Process Engineering (DMSP)
at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna

"LIGNOVISIONEN", a coinage created from the Latin "Lignum" (wood) and "Visio" (appearance) is the beginning of a book series on wood research and teaching in Austria and Europe. It deals with intellectual questions within the field of wood research.

The common publisher consist of the Institute of Wood Science and Technology (ihf) at the Department of Material Sciences and Process Engineering in co-operation with different partners (e.g. the federation of graduates of the curriculum of Wood Technology - VHÖ, WOOD K plus, other departments at the BOKU Vienna or economic partners).

This book series shows the liaison between research - teaching - economic and interrelation involved of this points.


NEW published:  Issue 32: DokIn´Holz
                                             Doctorate School „DokIn´Holz“ – Added value of wood in the future


Issue 31: Die FEHRA -
                 Pine wood (Pinus sylvestris L.) and

Issue 30: Wood Innovation: From Knowledge to Innovation

Issue 29: Ressource efficiency in the use of wood

Issue 28: Building with Wood:
                 Diversity - cooperation and management on the building site

Issue 27: Interaction human being and wood  

Issue 26: Social innovation and its impact in
                 innovation in wood industries

Issue 25: From Science to Technology
                 Josef Umdasch Forschungspreis (science prize)

Issue 24Drivers for technological innovations in the wood industry 

Issue 23: Future Ideas Forestry - Timber - Paper
                 Technology Roadmap for Timber from Austria 

Issue 22Optimization in Round Timber Transport 

Issue 21: Share of timber construction in Lower Austria
                 Study and basic approach to measure the added value

Issue 20State of the Art of the COST Action E40
                 Innovative utilisation and products of large dimensioned
                 timber including the whole forest-wood-chain

Issue 18: Core document of the COST Action E34
                 Bonding of Timber

Issue 19: Proceedings of the COST Action E40 Conference
                 Wood Quality and Niche Products

Issue 17: Meta-study on mobilizing wood resources from
                 the Austrian small scale forest
                 Systematic review of small scale forest studies from five decades

Issue 16: Wood and hygiene
                 Application of wood in hygiene-relevant areas   (in progress)

Issue 15: Wood Resources in Short Supply as
                 Challenge for Technology and Innovation

Issue 14: High-Performance Materials from the Nature

Issue 13: Proceedings of the COST Action E40 Conference
                 Large diameter timber - problem or chance?

Issue 12: Timber Industry in Austria II - 
                 a historical view      (in progress) 

Issue 11: WoodLog - Perspectives of Wood logistics Supply Chain -
                 Potential for optimisation by a Logistics pilotage centre Wood - Austria 

Issue 10: Long-Term Supply and Demand Projections for
                 Wood Products in Austria until 2020
                 A Contribution to the UN-ECE/FAO ‘European Forest Sector Outlook Study’ 

Issue   9: Proceedings of the COST Action E44 Conference
                 Broad Spectrum Utilisation of Wood   

Issue   8: The Austrian Wood Markets -
  Magnitudes – Structures – Changes

Issue   7: Barrique - from a tree to wine

Issue   6: Timber Industry in Austria - 
                 a retrospective view of the past 60 years   

Issue   5: Biobased Fibre Materials - Naturfaserwerkstoffe

Issue   4: Proceedings of the international Symposium on
                 Wood Based Materials - Wood Composites and Chemistry

Issue   3: Modified Wood - Properties and Markets

Issue   2: Wood - Raw material - Material - Source of energy for the future

Issue   1: History of Wood -
Outlines of research and teaching in Austria