Book presentation "WerkHolz"

With talks by Franz Fischler, Hans Reschreiter, Günther Buchinger and Simone Zopf.


What are the technological benchmarks of the raw material wood? What kind of wood is suitable for my product idea? Are there any historical examples? Which of the domestic species is the toughest one?

The book "WerkWolz, properties and historical use of 60 European tree and shrub species (Michael Grabner)" provides answers to such questions and summarizes comprehensive scientific work during several years. Modern characterization on thousands of samples provides comparable characteristic values. In addition to classical parameters such as wood density and strength, characteristic values of historical relevance, such as, abrasion or friction, for a total of 60 Central European wood species were determined. The analysis of 122 historical books dating back to 1690 and 88 ethnological books presents additional uses and characteristics of these 60 types of wood. On the basis of wood species determinations in Austrian museums, the specific use of 48 of these species was demonstrated and illustrated.

WerkHolz combines historical facts with modern descriptions and is also intended to direct the curiosity to no longer used species. The knowledge about the properties and the use of the very valuable wood of our shrubs and small trees arouses the desire for new products and uses and can thus make a significant contribution to increasing the sustainability of our forests.


Presentation of the book


Monday 24th of April 2017, starting at 17.00

BOKU, Festsaal

Gregor Mendel Straße 33, 1180 Wien


Wood has been accompanying people since ancient times. The knowledge about this material has been gathered over thousands of years and now makes a sustainable use of this valuable resource possible. The use of wood was and is just as versatile - for this reason, we are looking forward to speeches as part of the presentation of Werkholz from different perspectives:

Wood – sustainability: Dr. Franz Fischler (former Minister and EU commissioner)

Wood – a topic since ancient times: Mag. Hans Reschreiter (Natural History Museum Vienna)

Wood – Art – monument: Dr. Günther Buchinger (Denkmalforscher GesBR)

Wood – musical instrument – music: Mag. Simone Zopf (HTBLA Hallstatt)

The making of „WerkHolz“: Dr. Michael Grabner (BOKU)


Musical frame with wooden music instruments by students of the BORG Mistelbach.

Afterwards we invite you to a cozy get-together with a buffet.

Admission is free.